Nir: Owner, bike fitter, master mechanic, wheel builder, Barista

Shawn: Store manager

Tamar: Bike Improve and Nir Wheels Ambassador

Mechanic WANTED! Please email or bring in your resume!


We offer the best wheels available with our own custom Nir Wheels as well as wheels from ZIPP, DTSwiss, and more.


Proper fit is important for performance, comfort, and safety. We do bike fits for recreational riding or racing. We will make sure your bike fit is the best it can be for you.


We specialize in servicing high end road bikes and mountain bikes but we service all bikes and do routine maintenance. We are also the only shop in Los Angeles to rebuild shocks in house for a fast turnaround and maximum performance.


We have everything you need for racing, recreational riding and commuting. Come visit us for a choice selection of clothing, kits, lights, pumps, helmets, locks, parts, nutrition, and more.