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Nir Wheels

Bike Improve’s wheels expert Nir Tal is proud to offer the best wheels at the best price with the Nir Wheels selection of custom road and mountain wheels. Each wheel is hand built in-house with the highest quality rims, hubs, nipples, and spokes.

All of our Nir Wheels come with a year of free adjustments. Any of our custom Nir Wheels can be made with custom hubs of your choice.

We also offer custom wheel building using your parts for $150/wheel labor.

Road and Gravel

Alloy or Carbon Rims, Rim or Disc Brakes, Clinchers or Tubulars.

Alloy Clinchers: C30 (19mm wide, 30 mm deep), Rim Brakes Only, and C31 (25.6 mm wide, 31 mm deep), Rim or Disc Brakes. The C31 with Disc Brakes is our Alloy Gravel Wheel but is also an excellent choice for a road bike wheel.  C30 is $1100, C31 is $1200.

Carbon Clinchers: The G29 (Disc Brakes Only) is our Carbon Gravel Wheel and also an excellent road bike wheel. Our other Carbon Clinchers, the C38, C50, C60 and C88 (the model numbers refer to the rim depth) come in both Rim Brakes and Disc Brakes. $2400.

Carbon Tubulars: T38, T50, T60, and T88 (the model numbers refer to the rim depth) all come in both Rim Brakes and Disk Brakes.  $2400.

Our alloy wheels climb and accelerate better than any other alloy wheel you’ve ridden. Many of our customers have reported that our C30 and C31 wheels are better than many factory carbon wheels they’ve owned, and at a fraction of the cost. Come try a pair on your bike for a test ride and see why these are the absolute best alloy wheels around.

Our Carbon wheels are the lightest and stiffest wheels you will find, at hundreds of dollars below the cost of other wheels with lesser specifications. Take them out for a test ride, or demo a pair to make you faster on race day.

All wheels are built with Nir Wheels proprietary hubs and rims and Sapim spokes.

Skewers are included on all rim brake wheel sets.

MTB Wheels

27.5 and 29 inch wheels in three different widths.

Our 27.5 and 29 inch rims come in the following widths:

M32 (32 mm) our lightest cross country build, as light as 1320 grams for the wheel set,

M35 (35 mm), and

M42 (42 mm) for Plus Size tires.

We build custom mountain bike wheels for anything from XC and Enduro. Due to the wide variety of mountain biking needs, each pair of Nir Wheels mountain bike wheels are built to order to perfectly fit our customers’ needs. All our Nir Wheels mountain bike wheels are tubeless compatible.

$2200 with Sapim CXRay Spokes, $2600 with Super Spokes.

All clincher wheels are tubeless ready.

Two years warranty on all our wheels.

All our wheels are hand built to order to meet each client’s specs and needs.

Not in LA? Looking to ride the highest quality wheels for the best price? Contact us and we’ll custom build and ship our Nir Wheels straight to you!

Name Brand Factory Wheels

We also proudly carry high end factory wheel sets for both road and mountain bikes, including:

  • Zipp
  • Reynolds
  • Mavic
  • DTSwiss
  • ENVE