About Bike Fitting

Bike fit is about more than seat height. It’s about maximizing performance, comfort, and safety. Getting fit properly to your bike is very important, whether you’re a recreational rider or a racer. At Bike Improve, our Pro-Fit tailors your bike just for you.

Why you should get fit

Have you had aches and pains in your upper or lower back, sore knees, aching arches, cramped wrists, or tight neck? Have you thought that these pains were just part of cycling? Think again. Give our Pro-Fit a try and we’ll get rid of them.

All new bike purchases come with a complimentary seat height adjustment. We highly recommend our Pro-Fit for anyone more than the casual commuter.Call us at (310) 400-0363 to schedule your Pro-Fit today!

Additional Fit Options Include

Look has created a tool for setting up your Kéo Cleats for an optimum adjustment, limit the risks of knee injuries and tendinitis, and efficient pedaling for more power transfer.
Custom-Fit adapts to you instead of the other way around. Shimano's new Custom-Fit Technology eliminates spaces and irregular contacts to create a racing shoe that actually does fit. Custom-Fit is at the vanguard of cycling's quest for a pure transfer of power.
Proper cleat position can improve your performance and prevent injuries. (Note: cleat fit is included in our Pro-Fit.)
We'll help you be as aero and efficient as possible on your road bike with Clip-On Aerobars. (Note: Pro-Fit on a TT or Aero bike includes bar fitting.

Seat height and angle analysis.

Leg length and seat height adjustment.

Ankle and knee position, pedal stroke.

Examining the rider’s body position.

Power and comfort analysis.

Measuring knee angle.

Hip and leg angle check.

Trying different saddles.