Bike Service



We have the best bike service department in West LA, with mechanics who ride and race both road and mountain bikes. We specialize in servicing high-end road and mountain bikes, but our service department is happy to take care of any bike.

We offer services including:

Bike washing

Let us get your bike clean like new. We’ll clean everything from the drivetrain to the frame, making sure to treat all the parts correctly: $75

Bike Tune Up

Includes: drive train tuning, gears, wheels, and brakes, safety inspection and overall check: $99. Add basic bike wash to get your bike sparkling clean: $145. Add a complete removal of the drivetrain, each part inspected, cleaned, lubed, and adjusted, then assembled back together in mint condition: $225.

Fork Service

For mountain bike forks. We can service most brands in house: $60 to $200, depending on the fork.

Rear Shock Service

For mountain bike rear shocks. We can service air shocks from Fox and Rock Shox: $60 to $200, depending on the shock.

Brake Bleeding

For hydraulic “disc” brakes. We’ll professionally bleed most hydraulic brake systems, and inspect your brakes for general safety condition: $35 per brake.

Bike Assembly

If you purchased your bike somewhere else, or even if you’re just back from a bike trip and need to build up your bike, we’ll professionally build it for you: $99 to $300, depending on the bike. E-Bike assembly starts at $150.

Everything  Else

Hourly labor rate: $99

Just drop your bike by the shop or call us at  (310) 400-0363.